Catherine Barson Eastis of The Gluttonous Geek.

My name is Catherine Barson Eastis. I am an office worker by day, steampunk musician and food blogger by night, and full-time geek all-around. I started this blog because I have always been a fiend for stories, and have also possessed an insatiable hunger for living them out. Through years of reading, writing, tabletop rpgs, and what not, I’ve always found a little bit of a disconnect between fantasy and reality that even through the former’s best efforts, could not be bridged. It wasn’t until I started cooking for friends that I found that bridge through food.

No matter what world you’re in, everyone eats, and we can meet those characters through sharing a meal with them. I can enjoy some pork pies with Tyrion Lannister without needing to pretend. I can cook up some chimichangas for Deadpool without having him bust through the window to join me.

That said, on The Gluttonous Geek, I intend to explore as many aspects of food as I can in relation to fandom.

What do you mean by that, you ask?

A geek, by pop culture connotation, is an individual driven by an enthusiastic obsession for their hobbies, intellectual pursuits, and interests. Currently, the word seems based on an obsession for fantasy, sci-fi, comic, and gaming fandom. As geeks, we are notorious for our need to study, analyze, and understand our interests. My question in return is, why not through food? And thus I plan to use my English degree and years of trial and error in the kitchen to create recipes from and inspired by movies, books, tv shows, video games, comics, history, scientific theories, etc.

Since no good cook is created in a vacuum (I sincerely hope not, my head would explode!), I also will be posting reviews of other fandom inspired cookbooks, geek-themed restaurants and travels around the world, and various tools and appliances to help you on your journey of epicurean discovery (because what geek is without his or her gadgets?). I will interview and feature other figures in the geek world brave enough to boldly wield a spatula like a gorram +5 Broadsword. I will review and analyze new shows and media, letting you figuratively and literally get a taste of a character’s personality. I will even delve into the history of food prep and how it can help you come up inspired recipes of your own.

I am a Gluttonous Geek, and you can be one too. Join me, and indulge in your fandom.