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Friends of The Gluttonous Geek:

The Lady Nerd

My good friend and roommate’s blog. She does what I do, but with fashion rather that with food. Are you seeking to wear your love of fandom but are tired of your choices being limited to the graphic t-shirt? Check her out and learn how to be nerdy and chic.

Trader Nik’s Time Traveling Tiki Bar

My bandmate Nick is the guru of booze and tasty cocktails. He does what I do, but with libations. You want to learn new, unusual, and downright delicious versions of classic cocktails? Look no further.

The Gin Rebellion

The steampunk, retro-folk fusion band I am in. If you want meet me and talk food in person, or just listen to some songs inspired by days past, follow us to find out what conventions we’ll be playing next.

Other Geeky Food Blogs:

 Fiction-Food Café

Exactly as the blog title implies. Diana from Fiction Kitchen Podcast is a fellow food blogger and Twitter friend. Check her out.

The Witchy Kitchen

Carrie from Fiction Kitchen Podcast and another Twitter friend. This woman can make some mean scotch eggs.

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen writes recipes inspired by movies, tv, and even music. She also uses non-conventional flavor combinations in her food which is, as you know, one of my favorite things to do.

Fiction Food Podcast

A podcast on food inspired by fiction. Do I need to explain more?

Inn at the Crossroads

A food blog inspired by the works of George R.R. Martin. Also the authors of the official Game of Thrones cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire.

Skill Up Skillet

A Geek and Game themed Food Blog – Because cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a Feat of Strength.

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