Munchies & Minis | Smithy’s Sausage Platter

Smithy's Sausage Platter inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Recipe by The Gluttonous Geek.

Welcome back, Geeky Gluttons, to another episode of Munchies & Minis!

For those just joining us, Munchies & Minis is a live Twitch cooking show where I make a tabletop or Dungeons & Dragons-inspired snack and then paint a miniature. To kick the first season off, I decided to start @RaineRysa‘s #52WeeksofDnD fanart challenge. Three weeks ago, we made some Chromatic Dragon Cheese Eggs for the challenge word “Dragon.” This week’s challenge word was “Profession.”

So at first, I wanted to create a dish that a chef adventurer would sell. Nothing I could come up with seemed thematic enough to the word “profession,” though. Then I thought of what profession that most fighter D&D characters tend to be before taking up a life of adventuring. All tropes point to the hammer-slinging blacksmith.

It makes sense, right? The blacksmith is probably the brawniest individual in town. Chances are if he has any love for heroic stories, he’s tried his hand at making a sword or two — perhaps even practiced with them. Or maybe he’s seen enough adventurers come through town needing repairs, that a blade is just familiar to his hands as a hammer. Be kind to the local smithy. He is both the maker and breaker of heroes.

That said, for this recipe, I wanted to make something the smithy would probably cook while working. I ended up making skinless sausage skewers that a bit of a hybrid between the kofta kabob, Romanian mititei, and Scottish skirlie. Made of beef, bacon fat, oats, and a variety of herbs and spices likely found growing around a peasant’s home, these sausages are perfect for grilling on the forge. Since a platter requires more than sausages, I also made up a raspberry honey-mustard dipping sauce as well as some pickled red onions.

Want to learn how to make Smithy’s Sausage Platter for your adventuring party? Watch the video or find out how to get the recipe card below!

Smithy’s Sausage Platter

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Smithy's Sausage Platter inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Recipe by The Gluttonous Geek.

I hope that this episode inspired you to start a culinary campaign of your own. Next week I’ll be tackling the #52WeeksOfDnD challenge word “Elf” with some Elvish Mint & Berry Pies.

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