Announcing The Fantasy Feasting Cookbook!

Hello Geeky Gluttons — my friends old and new!

If you’re here, you like at least one of the following: food and tabletop roleplaying tabletop games. Well, guess what? You can eat your cake AND game with it too! Let me tell you about this project I’m working on: The Fantasy Feasting Cookbook.

The Fantasy Feasting Cookbook (recently launched on Kickstarter) is an Open-Game License sourcebook/cookbook hybrid with at least 30 recipes and mechanics you can include in any 5th-edition compatible tabletop RPG. Following the journeys of the halfling adventurer chef Julienne (and their adorable tiny dragon, Garlic), the book reads like a storybook food blog

Julienne, by Laura Galli

Before you bemoan the flavor text before a recipe, Julienne’s fascinating accounts include paladins sworn to hospitality, fungus festivals with magical clay piggies, and goblins with a traditional enchilada recipe. Better yet, each recipe features a mechanic, such as the Paladin’s Oath of Comfort, the Trufflehunter Trinket (figurine of wonderous power), and the delicious yet dangerous Dire Cow.

Trufflehunter Trinket by Margaw

Want to sample the fun before buying? We have a sample recipe available for you on our Kickstarter page. Also, if you cook it up and share it on Twitter (instructions linked) before the 18th, you can win a free copy when the project releases!

Dire Cow Enchilada Casserole by Yorugami

Wary about Kickstarters? This book hosts the work of multiple award-winning and best-selling RPG writers and game designers, stunning illustrators, and, well…me

This book is my first foray into game design, and I’ve also been hired as the project’s food photographer. I’m just a little invested in the outcome of this project (understatement of the year). What I’ve seen so far, though, is fantastic.

Only TWO weeks remain to fund this project. SO GET THEE HENCE to Kickstarter and do your best Fry-with-a-handful-of-cash impersonation to get this tome of magical cookery!

Support the Kickstarter here.

Trufflehunter Treats, by Sylthuria.

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