#PokéNOM is coming!



#PokéNOM, I say?

Last month you might remember me telling you about #RedwallAugust, a round up of recipes inspired by Brian Jacques’s Redwall Book series, all done by other fandom food bloggers and hosted on Fiction Food Café. It’s still going on if you want to add your own contribution, or if you want to check out all the delicious recipes and cook up your own woodland feast.

This month I’m hosting and I figured it’s time to fuel your PokémonGo addiction with tasty game-inspired recipes.

Starting September 1st, 2016, share your Pokémon inspired food and drink recipes and creations using the hashtag #PokeNOM! Food and beverages can be mentioned directly from the games, animated series, and/or manga, or even just be inspired by them.

I personally am for the idea of finding an alternate use for those excess pidgies other than sending them to the Professor to grind them into candy. If you’re going to try to catch ’em all, might as well cook ’em all while you’re at it!

#PokeNOM is open to anyone to share.

If you create a recipe post (this can be on a blog, tumblr, instagram–anywhere you can type up a recipe with a photo) share the link on the #PokeNom Link-Up that’ll go live on this blog on September 1st!

Note: The recipe post must be of your own creation (meaning don’t link-up to someone else’s recipe). If the food you made is an adaptation or variation from another source, make sure you give proper credit.

Have any questions or ideas for future fandoms you’d to see a recipe round up for? Feel free to comment! It looks like we’ll be doing these on a monthly basis from here on out, and we foodies of the geek community are here to help you indulge in your fandom.


#PokéNOM is here! Click here to submit your recipes and find out how to cook ’em all!

The Gluttonous Geek