#PokéNOM is here!


Happy #PokéNOM everyone!

Just like you had done with #RedwallAugust, this is now the time to start posting your Pokémon inspired recipes. You know the drill, have fun, keep it as clean as you can, and get ready to chow down and eat the best that no one ever had!


The rules, I reiterate, are thus:

#PokeNOM is open to anyone to share.

If you create a recipe post (this can be on a blog, tumblr, instagram–anywhere you can type up a recipe with a photo) share the link on the #PokéNOM Link-Up below! The share your creation wand the page of link up with the world on your social media account using the hashtag:#PokeNOM!

Note: The recipe post must be of your own creation (meaning don’t link-up to someone else’s recipe). If the food you made is an adaptation or variation from another source, make sure you give proper credit.

The Gluttonous Geek


  1. Hi there,
    I’ve been really excited about this event and made my own recipe! I have been trying to submit my recipe to the InLinkz Link-Up, however it doesn’t seem to be working with my Tumblr blog or my Pinterest. In a last-ditch attempt, here is a link to my submission:

    Pokemon GO Candy Bombs

    If you can post it to InLinkz on my behalf, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for the fun event, it’s been great seeing all of the fun recipes that came out of it!

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this until now. It seems to be working now! I’m glad to see you managed to get it on the link up. They look amazing. 🙂

      • No worries! I wound up having to submit my link from my phone in the end, but it worked! I’m not sure what the problem was – every time I tried to submit to InLinkz from my laptop, it wouldn’t pull the images from my blog, and whenever I tried to upload a photo, I got a message saying “your image may not be an image.”

        I was also looking through the #PokeNOM hashtag on Tumblr and recall seeing some other Pokemon recipes made for this event that weren’t uploaded to the InLinkz either, so maybe the issue is partly with Tumblr?

        Thank you for the lovely compliment, and for hosting this event!

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