Munchies & Minis | High Society Smoked Salmon

High Society Smoked Salmon Canapés inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Recipe by The Gluttonous Geek.

Welcome back, Geeky Gluttons, to another episode of Munchies & Minis!

For those just joining us, Munchies & Minis is a live Twitch cooking show where I make a tabletop or Dungeons & Dragons-inspired snack and then paint a miniature. To kick the first season off, I decided to start @RaineRysa‘s #52WeeksofDnD fanart challenge. Two weeks ago we made some Feywine Raisin Cake for the challenge word “Magic.” This last week I skipped ahead to the challenge words “High Society.”

I’m not abandoning “Ratfolk,” folks. An internet outage combined with frustrated calls to Comcast delayed the timing of the recipe I had in mind for that challenge. However, the show must go on, and go on it will with a dish that looks fancy despite its simple preparation.

So for this challenge I once again consulted Power Score’s “Great List of Food and Drinks” and found “Smoked Salmon and Wild Berries” listed under the “Wealthy” section. I believe this is also from Dragon Magazine’s Build-an-Inn article from the nineties.

Since this episode is not only about making a D&D food item, it’s about learning new techniques, I chose to make smoked salmon crostini with gorgonzola compound butter and herbed blackberry jam.

One of the marks of high society cuisine is taking something fairly common and elevating it. Blackberries wind their way around every wooded roadside. Salmon can be fished from the harbor. Combine them with some ingenuity, and you’ll find yourself eating like a high society noble on a pauper’s salary. These techniques I am about to show you look and sound fancy, but are actually a lot simpler than they seem.

Want to learn how to make some High Society Smoked Salmon for your adventuring party? Watch the video or find out how to get the recipe card below!

High Society Smoked Salmon

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High Society Smoked Salmon Canapés inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Recipe by The Gluttonous Geek.

I hope that this episode inspired you to start a culinary campaign of your own. Next week I’ll be tackling the #52WeeksOfDnD challenge word “Ratfolk” with some cheesy pasta Rat King Fritters!

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