Munchies & Minis: Moving to Youtube

Hey there, friends!

I know I’ve made some mention of it on social media, and now I shall tell you here.

Munchies & Minis will no longer be a streamed show. It will now be a shorter, pre-recorded and edited Youtube show with music, fun facts, and a lot less blathering!

With Twitch‘s affiliate program disallowing multi-platform streaming — and also my day job making it incredibly difficult for me to stream regularly on weeknights, we decided that video is the way of our future. Also, it lets us, frankly, give you a higher quality product. If anything, with my husband’s upcoming show Ranger Rations, on our Youtube channel, we can only grow from here!

So what does that mean for us? Not much difference, really, other than better, more entertaining, and easier-to-follow videos. Previously streamed episodes will get added from Twitch to Youtube, as well as write-ups about them on the blog. Recipe cards will still be the only written form of these dishes, and only available through Patreon and Ko-Fi.

As for the Twitch account? I don’t plan on abandoning it. It will just get a lot more casual — behind the scenes blog cooking, gaming, photo editing, and chatting. Heck, maybe we’ll even run some tabletop games on there someday!

I know change is sometimes scary, but I am genuinely excited about what’s to come. In fact, as I write this, my first video is live. So stay tuned, things are happening!

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay you,

Catherine (The Gluttonous Geek)

The Gluttonous Geek